Monday January 24th – Opening Hours 10am – 4pm

Whats On In January

Let's Get Sticky!

Resin and Ink Workshop

Jan 27th – Jan 27th Space: Workshop

Jill Fitzmaurice and Naomi Wheeler

Recent paintings

Jan 21st – Feb 3rd Space: Small Gallery

Pirate Kai Puppet Shows

Two shows to choose from!

Jan 28th – Jan 28th Space: Workshop

Children's Nature Art Workshops

Morning or Afternoon Classes

Jan 26th – Jan 27th Space: Workshop

Paul Soanes

Recent work

Jan 5th – Jan 31st Space: Foyer

Averil Mucalo

New Work

Jan 5th – Jan 31st Space: Foyer

Through Children's Eyes

Cathay Wicks and her Kids Art Club

Jan 21st – Jan 27th Space: Workshop

3D 2D

An exhibition by Loek Hasselman & Marilyn Lusk

Jan 21st – Feb 3rd Space: Main Gallery

Calling Young Artists

Children's Art Deco Exhibition & Awards!

Nov 1st – Feb 8th Space: Mezzanine