Friday August 12th – Opening Hours 10am – 4pm

Exhibitions On In August

'Rekree8Art' Alice Waihape Exhibition

Eclectic and colourful found object work

Aug 18th – Sep 1st Space: Small Gallery

'More Birds and Flowers' Janice Hambly Exhibition


Aug 1st – Aug 31st Space: Under The Stairs

Year 12 Student Art Exhibition

Year 12 Student Work

Aug 5th – Aug 25th Space: Main Gallery

Louisa Blackman

Art Exhibition

Sep 1st – Sep 30th Space: Foyer

Denise MacDonald

Art Exhibition

Aug 1st – Aug 31st Space: Foyer

Print Council Association New Zealand

Art Exhibition

Aug 26th – Sep 8th Space: Main Gallery

'Crosses and Noughts' Sandra Howlett

New and old work

Aug 5th – Aug 18th Space: Small Gallery