The Pandora Project workshop series

with Helen Dynes

Date: Feb 5 – Mar 25Space: Workshop

What is the Pandora Project?

The Pandora project stemmed from the Art Recovery classes which were held at CAN following Cyclone Gabrielle.

For 8 weeks, we’ll explore the transformative power of art, self-expression and personal growth, learn therapeutic techniques through various art forms and experience a supportive and nurturing environment.

Pandora Project Workshop | February 5th – March 25th – First Block 
Monday 1:30 – 4:00pm

The Pandora Project welcomes art enthusiasts, seekers of self-discovery, and those in search of stress relief. It’s a haven for community-minded individuals, creative explorers keen on various mediums, and those seeking healing through art.

Unleash your creativity, embark on a journey of self-discovery, and find solace in the transformative world of art with the Pandora Project workshop. This isn’t just about painting or drawing – it’s a sanctuary where stress melts away, replaced by vibrant self-expression and a supportive community. Dive into a diverse palette of artistic mediums, from mixed media and printmaking to experimental techniques that’ll spark your imagination. Whether you’re seeking healing, a break from the daily grind, or a space to explore ancient myths through art, the Pandora Project is your canvas. Embrace mindfulness, unleash your inner artist, and join a vibrant community where creativity knows no bounds. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, create, and discover the transformative power of art with us. Limited Spaces!

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