Staged Comfort

An exhibition by Georgia Andersen

Date: Oct 1 – Oct 31Space: Under The Stairs

‘An exhibition of the depths of my mind turned into art’

Staged comfort is the idea of trying to make sense of emotions as they are within all of us, just in different forms. Through this exhibition, artist Georgia Anderson hopes the viewer can find meaning and comfort through what is in your own head.

‘Each piece of mine has been an emotional journey. These paintings are all formed from the depths of my mind, all reflections of myself at the time. Staged comfort is something extraordinary and special to me. It is the thoughts and feelings transferred straight onto canvas without a filter. Each painting, each poem comes from a profound and disorientated place within me. A place that is within all of us. I use my art as a place of expression where I can release the tension in my head’.

Georgias exhibition will be on  at Creative Arts Napier for the month of October.

I aim to challenge you to join me on these emotional journeys through the interaction of painting and poetry. Reflect with me on the troubles we all experience each day and yet how the world manages to remain marvelous in so many ways.’

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