"In black rainbows & white."

Date: Nov 10 – Nov 23Space: Small Gallery

In his first solo exhibition, artist Ryan James (sisou6) brings a sublime blend of intricate realism to life. The exhibit revels in duality: the precision of true-to-life flora against liberated, free-form strokes and gestures.

It’s an evocative dance between the meticulous and the ethereal, inviting viewers to experience the captivating balance that defines his artistic vision.

A Hawkes Bay local, born in Napier, Ryan James has had a self-directed Art practice spanning the past 7 years.  He has branched his creative work into many areas including acrylic painting, pencil drawing, digital illustrations, computer-aided design, machine-free tattooing as well as large public murals.  Pulling inspiration from his own personal interests, he explores a wide range of subject matter to reach his personal form of expression.  Over time he has taken a liking to the striking geometries found in flower petals, succulents and other plant life.

Nestled in our Small Gallery this November 10 – 23 

Opening celebration Friday 10 November 5pm  – light refreshments in the house 

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