Combining abstract painting with portraiture

Date: Feb 4 – Feb 17Space: Main Gallery

In Revel artist Liam Farrell shows his mixed media works which explore the dichotomy between theory and practice.

The pieces show contrast between found shapes and depicted shape. This conveys the difference between human relation, personality and subjectivity. Each found element’s appearance adds to the pattern creating deeper forms behind each entity. The connections between elements form a sense of ambiguity between colour and form.

Liam has been using this contrasting relationship of the found and the articulated to create a medium between the gestural work of abstract painting and the pictorial representation of portraiture.

Liam Farrell is an abstract painter born and raised on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand in the art deco capital of the world, Napier. He currently resides there living and working as an abstract painter and designer using portraiture as a means of communicating metaphysical concerns and pataphysical analyse.

Both as a designer and artist Liam has been heavily influenced by the Dadaist, the Situationist and Absurdism. “Each image is comprised of layers of different abstractions, adding up to a totality of image. The colour pallet of the images represents the duration of time; long enough to ascertain a greater subjective interpretation.”

View Revel in the main gallery of Creative Arts Napier from 4 February to 17 February 2022.

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