Pam Wildbore

An exhibition by Pam Wildbore

Date: Oct 8 – Oct 21Space: Small Gallery

We are excited to announce that Pam Wildbore is back with her newest exhibition ‘PRISMATIC’.

By definition, PRISMATIC is, (of colour) – formed, separated, or distributed by, or as if by, an optical prism.
Pam has pared back this definition and layered blocks of transparent colour to open up different tones and depths. Layering tone on tone of the same colour, as well as dark on light, and light on dark. This has also led Pam to ideas of how different colours can appear when they are layered, as opposed to mixed. Traditional opposites can be harmonious in this process.

“I am really enjoying this process and by being meticulous and methodical in application, this has enabled me to control the depth of the resin and therefore the flow of the resin. Each layer is applied by brush, so it is safe to say it is not done in a hurry!”

During lockdown, Pam worked on a paper piece, hand cutting and painstakingly applying each piece to board. Pam is excited to see how it turned out, and as it was a long lockdown for herself and her family (mid-kitchen reno!! The novelty of appliance/BBQ cooking wore off real fast!!) and she was glad to complete it, and “Exhale”.

PRISMATIC will be up from the 08.10.21 – 21.10.21 in our beautiful Small Gallery.

In line with current Level 2 restrictions, please wear a mask and use your COVID Tracer app when entering Creative Arts Napier. 2 metre distancing is observed in all of our galleries.

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