‘Seasonal Inspiration’ Natacha Riou Exhibition

Mixed Media Paintings

Date: Sep 1 – Sep 30Space: Under The Stairs

This work is inspired by nature: its powerful colours, playing lights and shadows.
Working on the form and the picture plane to capture a movement at the moment, Natacha freezes it for eternity. She inserts mixed media into her paintings: frame, plaster, paper, fern, leaves, shells, and wood…and integrates them in 3D as living objects and an integral part of the project she is working on.

Natacha is a French artist now a Hawke’s Bay resident. She has travelled extensively around both islands and her inspiration mostly comes from our beautiful New Zealand landscapes.
Her Art is different from what we usually see. The 3D aspect she provides to the Elements around us is as intriguing as it is inviting. It challenges the observer to immerse himself into a re-discovery of sceneries, some local, some created.
The technique integrates several canvases, sometimes vegetals, paua shells and plaster. Natacha cleverly does magic with her colours, which she mixes and prepares with attention.
This exhibition called “Seasonal Inspiration”, will carry you along the 4 seasons with a hint of nostalgia, warmth and calm.

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