Michele Jung|Julie Mello|Christine Parnell

Plein Air Showcase

Date: Apr 12 – Apr 25Space: Small Gallery

‘My Hawkes Bay – En Plein Air’ will be fresh in our Small Gallery from Friday, 12th April – 25th April 2024.

Three talented local artists, Michele Jung, Julie Mello and Christine Parnell, with a passion for painting outdoors, offer you the oppurtunity to experience Hawke’s Bay through their eyes.

Join us on Friday 12th April 5 – 7pm for opening night!

Michele Jung

“I paint on the streets known as plein air, and sketch live caricatures. Painting from life is alive, the light, sounds, the smell, and flavour in the air through to the conversations with people I meet along the way. It’s all channelled into the art and is the ultimate inspiration for me to be expressive. Each artwork is an exploration of raw emotions, beauty and relationships created for the intended viewer to engage with and to find their own interpretation and story within.

I am excited by the unpredictability of watercolours, the buttery richness of oils and the simplicity of pen and ink. My art is loose and suggestive with energetic brush strokes. I am inspired by the old master’s impressionism and expressionists and how they captured the light. This feeds into my weekly plein air painting adventures with friends Christine and Julie.” Michele Jung

Julie Mello

“I am originally from the United States but have been living in New Zealand for more than 20 years, with over a dozen of them in Hawke’s Bay. I never dreamed I’d live in such a beautiful place.

I am a late bloomer with regard to painting but have been creative all my life. As an adult I decided to fulfill a lifelong desire to paint and just taught myself to do it!  I started in acrylics, but once I tried oils I never turned back! I often combine a variety of brushwork and palette knife work to create different textures in the paint. My inspiration comes from the beauty that surrounds us here each and every day.

More recently after finding friends Michele and Christine to paint with, I discovered the joy of en plein air painting!  I love getting out and enjoying the incredible scenery our region has to offer and capturing it on the canvas. I look forward to our get-togethers and wonder with great anticipation what we are going to paint next! This addition of outdoor painting has added a new dimension to my painting that I just can’t get enough of.

I think becoming an artist was something I was always going to do… it just took me a long time to get back to my creativity! I hope I have many paintbrush miles ahead of me and that what I put on the canvas translates to something meaningful in someone else’s eyes.” Julie Mello

Christine Parnell

“My process is influenced by the medium that I am using at the time, and that often depends on mood. The serendipitous happenings that occur with watercolour appeal even although this can lead in an unintended direction. I feel that it is important to go along with these unexpected occurrences and let them have their way rather than trying to impose my will upon them. An idea can then reach the surface and set off a series of reactions that eventually take form.

I am inspired by my surroundings and relish recording the Napier inner harbour area and town as well as the more rural parts of Hawke’s Bay. The transparency and fluidity of watercolour is ideal for this.

I have been painting for over 20 years using both watercolour and mixed media. I was a founding member of Viva Gallery, and have exhibited at the National Academy in Wellington as well as locally. I have won awards at Art Hawke’s Bay annual exhibitions.” Christine Parnell

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