Maddison Thompson

Art Exhibition

Date: Sep 2 – Sep 15Space: Small Gallery

“Years ago, an art tutor once told me that one day I would make a new type of art, one of positivity and hope. I doubted her every word. My world has been shrouded in darkness for longer than I can remember. Moments of joy sprinkled amongst the chaos, so swiftly forgotten. She proved me wrong.
This exhibition is the opportunity for me to realize a new hope.
As a new sunrise brings colour to all it gradually touches, so too does this hope for the future sweep colour over the darkness of my soul. Yes, shadows remain, small pockets of shade to help me ease through such a transition. But as the light brings warmth to my soul so too do I allow it to flow through my hands, translating what is too big to explain into something tangible, something visual.”

Maddison Thompson describes what she does as creative chaos – a fusion of passion, mental health and creativity.
Mother Nature has been her constant inspiration and she does this because it’s the one constant in her life that has made sense to her.
Maddison’s love for creating started as a child and she has never wanted to stop.
Her motivation to continue has evolved over the years and art has been an outlet, a coping mechanism and a joy to her. Ultimately she has always dreamt that people would like what she did so much that they’d want her art in their homes.
Maddison’s grandmother, Cheryl Owen, has been the greatest influence on her work.
In 2021, she exhibited at the Heretaunga women’s centre.
She uses a range of materials to create her art, from coloured pencils and paper right through to bone carving and sugar art.

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