Ken Sando – Bunch of Grunts

Charcoal, Indian ink, and Acrylic Works

Date: May 27 – Jun 9Space: Main Gallery

This exhibition has been postponed and will be rescheduled for a later date.

This will be a solo based exhibition consisting of a variety of works rendered in Charcoal, Indian ink, and Acrylic on board and hung within the Main Gallery space of Creative Arts Napier.

The exhibition is intended to be a show of works consisting mainly of new and (some) existing images to be hung within the gallery space.

There will be approximately 20 works. These works will largely consist of depictions of anthrozoomorphic or human-like constructs partaking in an artistically captured contrived circumstance and moment.

Ken Sando’s art making is driven by an ongoing fascination with the construction and polemics of Figurative and Representational art and the perceptions of both the artist and viewer to the made image.

Sardonically, Ken attempts to twist the perceived accepted forms of normative constructs by introducing, through his constructed imagery, fanciful paradoxical fabrications. Ken has developed a process based practise that encompasses the use of charcoal as ‘painted’ medium over Indian Ink and acrylic. This is an approach specifically used to reference a variety of historical and current political viewpoints and art movements that hold a key interest.

Ken’s art references universal themes and symbolisms, uses regional New Zealand/Aotearoa as a backdrop in most works, and has a contemporary appeal; that people find a refreshing alternative to most conventional artistic depictions.For the last 35 years Ken has been a Practising Artist who has exhibited nationally in solo and group exhibitions, has a Degree in Visual Art and Design, and held curatorial and project management roles in the Arts sector.

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