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Date: Nov 17 – Nov 30Space: Main Gallery

Opening night celebration Friday 17th November 5-7pm

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What is the Pandora Project?

“The Pandora project stemmed from the Art Recovery classes which were held at CAN following Cyclone Gabrielle.
Several artists lost their studios at Waiohiki Creative Arts Village, myself included.
For many of us, the loss of a workspace meant loss of income.
The Art Recovery programme aimed to help not only people who were affected by the aftermath of the cyclone, but the artists themselves.

The Pandora project is about self-realization through art.
I have long believed that art is healing… the very process of ‘doing’ art becomes ‘being’.

When people are engaged in creative activities, they momentarily stop ‘thinking’; the ‘voice in the head’ is switched off, allowing the inner voice to be heard.
People say hours can pass by whilst they are creating art, they find a release from the day to day stresses of life.

Art becomes a focus that occupies the mind at a high vibrational level, away from anxiety and stress.

Pandora in Greek mythology, was the first woman. She was given by Zeus as a wife to Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus, who made fire.
Zeus gave Pandora a jar, later referred to as a box, and told her not to open it.
Pandora could not contain her curiosity, and she opened the box. Whereupon all the evils strife, disease, hatred, death, madness, violence, and jealousy, were unleashed upon earth.

Pandora hastily shut the box, and trapped one thing inside… that last thing was hope.

Here we have a Metaphor which sits very closely alongside the Adam and Eve creation story.

Eve disobeyed God, and ate of the forbidden fruit, sharing it with Adam, and they were banished from the Garden of Eden.

Cyclone Gabrielle devastated much of Hawkes Bay. Many people lost so much.
We are aware that some people lost their lives.

What followed was a massive outpouring of community support….

Fear of Climate change, war, AI, negative energy seem to be sweeping across our planet.
We small human beings are all part of one universe.

Pandora seeks to offer an opportunity to regain one’s connection to the Divine essence at the heart of all things.

Unity of all things.
Go within.
Know thyself.”

Helen Dynes

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