Emara Whaanga & Paiana Whaanga

Tuakana Teina-The Duality Of Atua, Mokopuna

Date: Sep 8 – Sep 21Space: Main Gallery

Creative Arts Napier are honoured to welcome back Emara Whaanga and introduce her sister Paiana Whaanga with their new exhibition in our Main Gallery this September.

‘Tuakana Teina – The Duality Of Atua, Mokopuna’ will open at CAN on Friday 8th September 5-7pm 

“I am my own muse!
An exploration.
My soul spun into existence through magnetic vibrations, I have traversed the realms for eons, existing in spaces and embodying entities long before my vessel. My vessel formed from our whenua.
I am a being of the cosmos, of the whenua. I exist because of Atua. I exist because of whenua.
From within the shift of rediscovering my voice through my ‘Wahinetanga’ exhibition in 2021, the symphony of my awakened season continued to play. I softened into the most intimate of places within myself, within the duality of us, feminine & masculine, Atua & Ira tangata, tinana & whenua.
My heart beats to the rhythm of Papatuanuku. Energy, waves, patterns and rhythms, illuminating the world with my softness for love of everything. Embodying sensuality and merging with nature.
My presence is a story to tell
An oasis of love for all that is me.
I am my own muse!” Emara Whaanga

“My existence today walks as the pūrakau of yesterday.
Reflecting the old stories that still adorn our lives as glorified narratives.
I humbly step into my human knowing I come from Atua.
I embrace the simplicity of my human knowing I am magical beyond measure.
I am more than women. I am more than man. It’s more than the bicker of today.
Elevate me to a dimension beyond this realm to find my grounding again here on earth.
Take what you need
Dance with what you want
Entertain a new whakaaro
No expectation
But to be
Through the stroke of a brush
The crafting of kupu
I surrender these messages from ancestor to you” Paiana Whaanga


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