CAN Seaweek Driftwood Sculpture Competition and Exhibition

Date: Jan 20 – Mar 7Space: Front desk

To celebrate Seaweek, CAN invites you to take part in making your own miniature waka, vessel, boat, raft or ship from driftwood or found materials from the seashore, and entering the exhibition/competition to win some awesome prizes.

In an unprecedented time, when travel is restricted to our own shores, let’s reflect on our individual journeys that eventually brought us all to Aotearoa New Zealand. Our relationship with the surrounding seas is an important and ever changing one, and intrinsic to life and sustainability.


What is your waka? Maybe it was a beautifully carved canoe, a slow moving ship, or it might even have been a plane! How did you, or your ancestors arrive from across the ocean? Make your piece as individual as you, using your imagination and flair. All entries will be displayed in our exhibition space for everyone to see and is open to all ages. Entry to the competition is just $5.

Journeys often take us into the unknown but can be exciting and full of promise. They involve new encounters, discoveries and experiences, and sometimes a return home. Exploring and travelling involves a test of character, endurance and skills of navigation. In myths and stories, journeys often represent individual quests for self- discovery.

Decoration of your vessel is also an important factor. For example, the histories and stories of people are often shown in the ornate carvings on waka taua (war canoes) speaking to the whakapapa (lineage) of journeying, both literally and genealogically.

Help us chart an ever-shifting and open-ended journey that considers various cultural associations to the ocean around us, and to the containment, colonisation and ownership of the land. In this regard the waka is both the vessel and the catalyst for ocean passage and contemplation.

Group collaborations and school groups welcome.

We look forward to seeing your entries on display at CAN.

Entry forms download:

All artwork should be labelled and accompanied by a completed form and paid $5 entry fee.

Important dates:

Deadline for entry and delivery of artwork: Thursday 4 March 2021

Exhibition dates: 5 – 18 March 2021

Announcement of winner/s: Friday 19 March 2021

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