Art and Design

An Exhibition of Contemporary Floral Design

Date: May 1 – May 31Space: Foyer

‘Art and Design’ is an exhibition of contemporary floral design by six designers from the Hawkes Bay area of the Floral Art Society of New Zealand, and one watercolor flower painter.

The Floral Art Society of New Zealand Inc. 2021 AGM and Conference, Hawkes Bay, will be held at the Napier War Memorial Conference Centre from the 21 – 23 May 2021.

The theme for the Conference is VISTAS, VINES & VINTAGE.

As promotion for the Society’s Conference in May, the Hawkes Bay Area Executive wanted to showcase their art form to the wider public and where better to do that than at the Community Arts Centre, Creative Arts Napier (CAN) in Byron Street.

There will be a variety of design styles according to which ‘Style of Design’ the individual designer chooses, and as the designs are organic and everlasting they will be displayed on the foyer wall doe the entire month of May.

The Watercolor Flower Paintings are in the Style of Dutch Flemish (c.1600 to 1800) and are typical of this baroque period. Many different flowers of several seasons are mixed together, with the emphasis on displaying each bloom to its best advantage.

The Floral Art Society of New Zealand is represented by 3 clubs in the Hawkes Bay Area. If you would like to learn more about the clubs and floral designing please contact Kirsty Walton : ks.walton@outlook.com.

Photo: Kirsty Walton, Hawkes Bay Area President and Hawkes Bay Area Management Board Representative to the Floral Art Society of New Zealand Inc. (FASNZ)

Kirsty is working on the placements of the plant material for her ‘Scandi’ Wreath (cropped).

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