Friday August 12th – Opening Hours 10am – 4pm

About the Centre


The building is listed as Category 2 with the Historic Places Trust as a survivor of the 1931 earthquake. It is a heritage building of historical and cultural significance.

It was originally built in the 1800’s to house the Napier Borough Council. It became the education discovery centre in th 1980’s as part of the museum complex. Three years ago the building was moved to make room for the rebuild and redevelopment of the site into the new MTG (Museum Theatre Gallery) complex.

Since then, it has been sitting empty behind Te Pania Hotel on Byron Street waiting for a purpose. In 2014 a refurbishment began transforming it into the now, Creative Arts Napier (the CAN).

The CANs location just off Marine Parade near the MTG, the Art Deco Shop and Napier’s i-site, puts it firmly in the area recently designated as Napier’s Arts and Culture Hub.