Sunday May 19th – Opening Hours 10am – 2pm

About the Centre


Creative Arts Napier’s (CAN) long held vision was to create a Community Arts Centre for the people of Napier and beyond – a vibrant and energetic creative space where all are welcome, regardless of ability, ethnicity, culture, or age. The goal being, to make CAN the leading ‘go to’ place for all artists, and the central ‘Arts information hub’ in Hawke’s Bay.

Previously Creative Napier was located on Hastings Street in the centre of town but with rising costs and rents were on the lookout for a suitable, affordable home with a presence in the CBD.  A submission was made to the Napier City Council in 2014 for the use of the old museum discovery and education centre which was located where the new MTG building was to be located.  On 12 December 2014 we opened our doors and have been operational since.

The building is listed as Category 2 with the Historic Places Trust as a survivor of the 1931 earthquake. It is a heritage building of historical and cultural significance and was originally built in the 1800’s to house the Napier Borough Council. It became the education discovery centre in the 1980’s as part of the museum complex. The building was moved to make room for the MTG rebuild and was sitting empty behind Te Pania Hotel on Byron Street waiting for a purpose. In 2014 a refurbishment began transforming it into the now, Creative Arts Napier (CAN) galleries & workshop.

CAN is located just off the Marine Parade near the MTG, the Art Deco Shop and Napier’s i-site, putting it firmly in the area recently designated as Napier’s Arts and Culture Hub.

Note – a storyboard of photos is hanging next to the entrance to the small gallery