Sunday July 22nd – Opening Hours 10am – 2pm

What’s On In September

John Ruth

Recent paintings

Sep 7th – Sep 27th Space: Small Gallery

Poetry Jam

Bring your poems to the party!

Aug 24th – Sep 6th Space: Small Gallery

Let us help with Creative Funding!

Assistance available here

Jun 20th – Dec 31st Space: Front desk

Napier Secondary Schools

Year 12 Art Exhibition

Aug 31st – Sep 13th Space: Main Gallery

Cosplay for High School Students

After school sewing for beginners!

Jul 24th – Sep 18th Space: Mezzanine

'Sew with the Flow'

Weekly sewing group

Jul 27th – Sep 28th Space: Mezzanine

Weekly Beginner Sewing Classes

Upcycle your favourite fabrics!

Jul 26th – Sep 27th Space: Mezzanine


Show your work in our beautiful galleries

Mar 5th – Dec 31st Space: Main Gallery