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At Creative Arts Napier we are celebrating on many levels this week.

Firstly we have recently seen the installation of our new public work of art; a mural painted on the front face of the disability ramp leading up to the CAN front door by talented artist Christie Wright. The vibrant, colourful and dynamic design of the mural completely lifts and highlights the historic building that CAN calls home. It also represents the many activities that CAN offers to the community, and will shortly showcase the beautiful Maori name that Creative Arts Napier has been gifted; ‘Nga Ringatoi Auaha o Ahuriri’, which translates as ‘The Creative Hands of Napier’. The name will be featured on the new mural, and see if you can spot the hand, too. We are proud of these new additions which connect CAN to the community, and grateful to Napier City Creative Communities and Resene Colourshop for their generous support of this initiative.

We have had tremendous support from our community recently. Thank you to all who attended the October White Night event, enjoyed the exhibitions and helped CAN raise funds with our Arts Festival Raffle and purchasing refreshments during the evening. DJ l’il b rocked the house, and we were joined outside by the ‘Heretaunga Dustbowl Pickers’ performing live. The weather was perfect and a great time was had by all!

Also thanks to everyone who attended the CAN Annual General Meeting on 4 November. Your support at this incredibly positive meeting is truly appreciated.

So, what else are we celebrating? If you weren’t already aware, CAN is turning five years old this December and so we are amping up for some birthday celebrations to acknowledge our journey to this point. Watch this space, and keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information!

Christmas is almost upon us, yet again and pretty soon the eftpos machines around town will be jingling. At CAN we like to support local artists and promote sustainability by hosting a Christmas Art and Design Market that’s chockablock with affordable, unique and quality products from our region. This year the market will run from 6 – 31 December in the Main Gallery space.

ARTISTS! The tables and wall space are being booked fast for this event, so if you are an artist that makes beautiful art pieces, please drop us a line on It’s affordable to book a space, and CAN offers marketing support and takes care of all the sales and transactions for you. CAN also hosts a fantastic opening preview night that is always well attended. Don’t miss out, contact us today and be part of this festive market that is open 7 days a week and has become an established event on the Napier arts calendar.

At the end of this week, on Friday 8 November if you pop in to CAN 5-7pm, you will discover a fantastic varied display of ceramics. ‘Mud and Fire’ is a joint exhibition by Taradale and Napier Pottery Clubs in the Main Gallery, and is a thrilling celebration of clay art in Hawke’s Bay, with some very special pieces being shown. The exhibition will be made up of a wide range of work from new members just starting out, to some of the more established clay professionals. The Taradale Pottery Club has just fired up their massive wood kiln for the first time in three years and we will be showing many spectacular pieces that have come straight out of the kiln.

In addition, artists Christine Heaney, Kathie Hands and Carolyn Veen have joined forces to hold their exhibition ‘Sea Change’ in the Small Gallery. As an accomplished potter and ceramicist Christine’s work is an eclectic mix of function and form, strongly influenced by her formal art training in Graphic and Textile Design (above, left and right). Kathie and Carolyn are co-founders of ‘Redefine Design’ and regional Up-cycling award winners. As masters of reinvention, refurbishment and rejuvenation, their creative energy has been drawn from extensive backgrounds in the fields of art, textiles and furniture design. Both of these exhibitions are set to blow your socks off, so join us to celebrate at the joint opening event this Friday, 8 November 5-7pm. All welcome! Both exhibitions are on display until 21 November.

As usual, our gallery exhibitions are complemented by our foyer and mezzanine exhibitions, which change monthly. In the foyer you can catch the edgy work of Jenn Hodgkiss (below, left), a digital artist and designer. Born in Manchester, England Jenn was brought up in New Zealand from the age of 6. Jenn is a self-confessed ‘goth’ and interested in all alternative lifestyles and subcultures, which feed into her dynamic art and design.

In contrast, alongside Jenn’s work in the foyer you will find ‘The Plant Hunter’s Bounty’, an exhibition in watercolour by local painter Bev Doohan (above, right). As a floral designer Bev has always been intrigued by the origins of the flowers and foliage used in our designs and arrangements, both traditional and contemporary. This pathway lead her to the plant hunters.These were were exceptional men who dedicated their lives to increasing the understanding of botany and horticulture. Between them they collected tens of thousands of new species. Their heroic efforts during the 17th 18th and early 19th centuries determined the course of garden design and the way we decorate our homes. From John Tradescant the Elder in the 16th Century to Sir Joseph Banks on Cook’s expeditions they enchanted the world with their vibrant and exotic finds. On the great estates, the walled gardens, greenhouses and hot houses were busting with colour, unusual shapes and flavours. The result of all this gardening was then transferred into the interiors of the houses and castles of the rich, the famous and royalty. Massed in beautiful containers and vases without concern for design but only display, they glowed in dimly lit rooms and confirmed your place, wealth and status to the world. Bev’s paintings reflect this notion, and ‘glow’ from within their frames.

Lastly, as CAN is an avid supporter of sustainability and promoting education towards cleaner oceans by reutilising art materials, holding workshops, pop-in events, beach clean-ups and hosting exhibitions to raise awareness of the growing effects of rubbish in our environment, I have some good news for you. This morning, on my regular dog walk along Marine Parade at 6am, I was pleasantly surprised to see a marked improvement in the amount of rubbish left behind after Guy Fawke’s Night. It was so clean, I only found a few boxes and bottles to pick up this year. It just goes to show, awareness is growing and our collective efforts are not in vain.

All in all, plenty to get excited about! We hope to see you at CAN very soon.

Lisa Feyen
Interim Manager