The Naughty Corner

A group exhibition by Humanity Painters

Date: Jan 3 – Jan 16Space: Small Gallery

The Naughty Corner Painters are: Nita McIntyre, Anna Mowatt, Rosemary Ormond, Dawn Newell, Joy Mill, Lesley Beck, Sam Smith, Robyn Gunn, Jerry Williams and Donna.

Nita McIntyre

‘My art practice started with photography, which I did for several years.  One of the things I learned from that was picture composition.   A few years later and with a large stack of photos I decided to turn them into paintings.  I started in about 2003 to escape a stressful job!  Now I am retired, and have more time to create and try new styles.  I do have a particular passion for landscapes and nature.  I paint in acrylic and my style is “realistic”. Since moving to Hawkes Bay and lucky enough to be able to join Helen Kerridge’s Humanity Painters group, where we are given guidance and inspiration to explore and develop techniques and styles. Before moving to the Hawkes Bay I lived at Mt Maunganui and exhibited while I belonged to the Te Puke Art Society’.

Anna Mowatt

‘I have been part of Humanity Painters under the tutelage of Helen Kerridge for a number of years.  I do not paint for a particular audience, just allowing my own interpretation of how I see and feel. I love to paint skies with open ended contemplation and contradictory possibilities’.

Rosemary Ormond 

‘I began painting about 10 years ago due to an injury that prevented me from enjoying my sporting activities. Over the last eight years I have exhibited in local Art exhibitions where I have had successful sales of my work and won the title of “Best in Exhibition” at the Art Hawkes Bay Exhibition. Also, I have sold my work through “Muse” Art Gallery in Havelock North. I enjoy painting Landscapes and Seascapes, getting inspiration from many beautiful areas I have visited around New Zealand and of course locally.
It is very motivating to be a part of Helen Kerridge’s Art class that I have been attending for the last 8 years. She encourages me as an artist to really produce an art work  that is of artistic merit and hopefully to sell’.

Dawn Newell

I have been painting for about ten years and really enjoy the creativity.  My preferred medium is acrylic, because it is easy to use, the colours and application sty  le suits my work.  My favourite subjects are water scenes, and Still Life especially fruit.  I also love to paint Tuscan scenes with their beautiful vibrant colours.  I am inspired by my tutor, Helen Kerridge and my fellow painters with their enthusiasm and interest.  I have exhibited at “Art Hawkes Bay” and at all the Humanity Art Exhibitions.

Joy Mill

My name is Joy Mill and I began my art journey as a child. I was always drawing and fancied myself as a dress designer.  When I got to high school art wasn’t a subject I could take so I gave up anything to do with art.  I joined an adult class after my youngest child went to school and went to classes for about a year. I then had other things that took up my time so once again art was on the back burner. About eight years ago I joined Helen Kerridge’s Humanity Painters group and under her excellent tuition I have created many inspired paintings of which some have sold. I have exhibited in Helen’s art exhibitions and the Art HB exhibitions. I love painting with acrylics and when I am working on a painting I find this is my “happy place”.  I want to keep painting and with Helen’s help get a lot more accomplished at what I do. I love getting together weekly with the others in my class. We have a lot of fun and give each other encouragement and constructive criticism’.

Lesley Beck 

‘My medium is acrylic and I draw inspiration from the Old Masters and Still Life paintings. I have been painting with the Humanity Art Group for 5 plus years and give full credit to my amazing and talented tutor, Helen Kerridge, who is so inspirational, and full of encouragement and knowledge. I have exhibited yearly at the Hastings Community Arts Centre a sponsored event through the above group. Painting to me is a very therapeutic exercise which I so enjoy’.

Sam Smith

‘I have no rules or methods. Inspiration comes from many sources, my current focus is the human form and dramatic scenery. I respond to colour in my life and this need has transferred to my painting, At this stage I am a modernist painter. I love the freedom using the palette knife brings, allowing me to bold and extravagant in applying the acrylic paint. I let myself go, as the painting begins to evolve it leads me. To me a special piece includes something of myself.
I took art classes in High School, absolutely loved the experience, sadly I have not painted since. Three years ago I attended painting classes for beginners, during which it became clear, ‘creating a painting’ had to become my ‘centre’. I now attend Helen Kerridge Studio Hastings, and look forward to an exciting future in this world call ART…’

Robyn Gunn

‘I am a student of Helen Kerridge in Hastings and have been attending her art classes for about 8 years. I use acrylics and enjoy using a palette knife as well as brush work. I love animals and nature and earthy and green colours. I paint as a hobby and enjoy trying to improve my art’.

Jerry Williams 

‘Art is always with me and in me; I cannot remember a time when it wasn’t so – as a five-year old taking my glorious riot of flowers to the Headmasters office for praise and so on through the years. As a teacher, the focus was on developing pupil’s talents, though it was always handy to have artistic skills to hand, and the comments of ‘you’re good at art’ continued. Twelve weeks spent as a VAD student at EIT in the company of a group of fellow students immersed in the learning, moved the momentum forward. It wasn’t until, bemoaning my lack of skills with the use of colour, that someone said to me – ‘Helen Kerridge will sort you out !’. . . . She is still doing so – never letting us forget that colour theory is a challenge for the long haul!
I have painted (acrylics) with Helen for many years – dating back from night classes at Hastings Boys High School. Our subject matter is astonishingly diverse; depending on Helen’s ‘cunning and devious plan’ for the week. – landscapes, portraiture, still life, glazing, old master palettes, Impressionism, Rothko, Picasso, etc. . . .  the list goes on.
What is fun? Working alongside Helen and other entertaining and supportive classmates and satisfactorily resolving  a work; – conversely, what is difficult? Pretty much the whole process of painting, often going to hell and back before a satisfactory work emerges. Our group exhibiting now at CAN is a diverse bunch, all doing our own thing within  (and often beyond) the parameters that we have been given. It was not hard to become part of this scene; the essential essence of fun and support is paramount in our Monday lessons.
Projects for the future? I would like to pursue American kitchen table folk art, and then . . . .  there are the stunning images I have of breaking waves. . . Hmmm. Now how hard could that be?’


Encouraged and inspired by Helen Kerridge, Donna’s art tutor since 2014 when she was introduced to art through a friend. Initially it was a means of escaping ‘real work’ now life is ‘more’ with art ….. more colourful, more interesting, more inspiring, more fun and always travels with her camera ready to snap that one photo that will come to life on her canvas.
An impression of what she sees leads to loose and free art and Donna finds ‘tight’ work a challenge.  Using predominantly acrylic paint but dabbling in mixed media brings her joy. Painting plein air is what Donna is wanting to do more of but there are challenges – time does not stop so the scene is forever changing. Painting quickly can often result in art that surprises her and the viewer.
The buzz comes from seeing the ‘red dot’ after an exhibition.  Her biggest art critic and supporter is her husband, Chris, so much so that he built her an art studio which remains unnamed after 4 years. Art – it has all been painted before so do it your way. So Donna does.


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