Sybille Schlumbom

Japanese Woodcuts

Date: May 1 – May 31Space: Foyer

Enjoy Sybille’s beautiful Japanese woodcut prints in the CAN foyer for the month of May. Sybille completed an artist’s residency in Tokyo, Japan and since this experience has focused solely on the medium of Mokuhanga printmaking.

Japanese woodcut differs from European woodcut in three particular ways:

  • the application of the water based inks by brush
  • the use of a hand held baren for printing (not a press)
  • the use of ‘kento’ registration marks, carved directly into the block

Sybille Schlumbom is a first generation immigrant from Northern Germany; ‘My place of belonging is the ocean. My clan are the bird people’.

Sybille studied graphic design at the Lazie Academy in Esslingen, Germany, and holds a BA in Illustration Design from the BildKunst Akademie in Hamburg, Germany. She studied Japanese woodcut with Roslyn Kean in Melbourne/ Australia, Eva Pietzcker in Berlin/ Germany and at Mi-Lab in Japan, where her teachers were Tuula Moilanen (Doctor of Arts) Finland, Chihiro Taki (Master of Arts), Japan, Michiko Hamada (Master of Fine Arts), Japan, and Ayao Shiokawa (Master of Fine Arts), Japan. Sybille thanks all of them for their willingness to share their skill, knowledge and experience.

Her practice is diverse. A painter and graphic artist by heart and training, she has worked in installation, ceramics, print, collage, assemblage. Often her aspiration to understand a new medium is fueled by the desire to make informed material decisions for specific projects. She likes the misplaced, the lost, the in-between. Her need is for definition, contour, a moment of sharpness. A print needs loss, ink and control to come into being. Sybille’s growing understanding and practice of mokuhanga helps her to achieve a lost and misplaced atmosphere in her works. As an illustrator, representative motifs give Sybille security; a trail of breadcrumbs to venture into lack context like a foreign language or culture.

Sybille is always keen to collaborate with other artists and curators and to share her passion for mokuhanga in talks and demonstrations.

Please join Sybille to celebrate the opening of her exhibition on Saturday 4 May, 12.30-3.30pm. All welcome!


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