Semantics of Semiotics

The meaning of reading

Date: Mar 16 – Mar 29Space: Small Gallery

If Brendon Gage had to be labelled as an artist he would describe himself as naive, untrained and enough ‘on the spectrum’ to be an outsider. To explain his intrinsic motivation to produce art, he applies the analogy of comparing a prison having to release inmates from overcrowded cells, to having a compulsion to manufacture art from the ideas that are overcrowding the cells within his own cranium. The emancipation of the concept to a tactile form is a necessary personal process to create balance.

As part of the Semantics of Semiotics exhibition Brendan examines the relationship between image, text & image and text alone; ‘When we view art, we all have a personal interpretation of what we observe and what that means to us. Below is my own semiotic viewpoint of some of the work but would find it abhorrent to impose these onto any others analysis.’

The Narrative : explores intensive use of written text which invites the viewer to read, however the use of text is intended to create patterns,  rather than convey any true meaning.

Helen of Troy and the Neutrinos: creates a juxtaposition between the prehistoric world and the sub-atomic particles that run through everyone of us today.

Unibirds: poses the idea of fauna under attack and adaption with the egg hinting at what may come next…

Death Clowns: expands the meme of scary clowns and Death Clown/ Trumpy further examines how something so absurd can be frighteningly scary.

Things: is a linguistic observation about the substance of meaning.

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