Reductio ad Absurdum

3D work by Blair Collins

Date: Apr 27 – May 10Space: Small Gallery

“Human life has become a zero sum game. Even if we think we win, we lose. Cornered, we look for a way out but it all amounts to the same thing. Escaping to hidden worlds was long seen as a way but increasingly it seems that space and under the sea hold no answers. The promises of Science Fiction have not led us away from Earth, but made us more aware that we are imprisoned on an island with no way out. Is our fate to be a ghostly skull nailed to the wall of some other species? Should we put our faith in love? In a world of illusion, what is our place in it?”

Blair Collins was drawn to the transformative nature of 3D printing and has been working with 3D modelling since 2010; “You can take an idea that you had this morning and within hours have it taking shape on a screen. A week or so later, it can be a print and a couple of weeks after that? It’s a finished thing. It’s a realization, bringing the unseen into the world.”

This is the first exhibition of his work.

The Process:

Many are used to seeing computer graphic effects in films, but what if that ethereal art became embodied as an object?

This is what 3D printing can offer.

3D printing transforms digitally created planes and curves sculpted on a computer screen into ‘real’ objects. From thousands, sometimes millions of tiny lines and faces emerges data that is sent to a printing machine. For many hours, metres of fine plastic ‘string’ is melted at high temperatures and precisely laid layer by layer into a work that once smoothed and finished appears before you.

The works are delicate with printing tolerances of thousandths of a millimetre and walls a matter of millimetres thick. Even a change of ambient air temperature can make a print attempt less than optimal requiring the data be sent again. We may live in the 21st Century, but nature and technology still can get the better of us.

These are the best prints finished, mounted and presented for you to enjoy.




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