Pete Marsh

Hope may subside, but curiosity remains

Date: Oct 6 – Oct 19Space: Small Gallery

The work for this exhibition became a kind of autobiography for Pete Marsh. His former work in hospitality became represented by corkscrews, brioche tin, martini and shot glasses, spirit pourer and his tribute to the fried egg.

Then later his fascination with the natural world emerged; bees, a dragonfly and rhinoceros.

About Pete:
“I came from a farming background first and later a creative background, as a chef and patisser, tiler and long bow maker. Often I thought about painting, but resigned myself that I never would, as I am colour blind. Any hope of being an artist was a prologue.

The playwright Tennessee Williams said “hope may subside, but curiosity remains.”

And so with that curiosity still nagging, I began to dig and dig, beyond the tailings of disappointment. But then undeniably there were flecks of colours in my pan.

My grandmother in Motu, – Lili Mae Blomquist would be proud of what I have done. She was a self-taught classical pianist, painter, potter, spinner, weaver, astronomer, farmer and story teller. Without my mother’s support none of what I have done would have happened.

My hope is that you enjoy the colours.”

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