Organ Grinder

3D Print work by Blair Collins

Date: Oct 18 – Oct 31Space: Mezzanine

Blair has had a keen interest in art since high school. He has experimented with many techniques over the years, before settling on computer modelling and 3D printing;

“You can take an idea and make it real on the screen in a matter of days. It may take a week or two to get a good print and weeks of finishing, sanding and painting to complete the sculpture but it is worth it. To realise all those thousands of lines on the screen as something you can hold in your hand and present to the world? It’s magical.”

In his second CAN exhibition ‘Organ Grinder’, Blair presents glossy, tactile, natural shapes.

“The inner core of every person contains a drive, a compulsion, an impetus that pushes them to get out of bed every day. The hearts represent snapshots of that central defining feature, exposing its many faces to view. The whimsical, the unexpected; the almost superfluid experience of being human.”

About The Process:

Many are accustomed to seeing computer graphic effects in films, but what if that ethereal art became embodied as an object?

3D printing transforms digitally created planes and curves sculpted on a computer screen into ‘real’ objects. From thousands, sometimes millions of tiny lines and faces emerges data that is sent to a printing machine. For many hours, metres of fine plastic ‘string’ is melted at high temperatures and precisely laid layer by layer into a work that once smoothed and finished appears before you.

The works are delicate with printing tolerances of thousanths of a millimetre and walls a matter of millimetres thick. Even a change of ambient air temperature can make a print attempt less than optimal requiring the data be sent again. We may live in the 21st Century, but nature and technology still can get the better of us.

Come along and enjoy the results of Blair’s hard work and dedication to his medium, which will be on display on the Mezzanine until 31 October.


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