Human Impact

Featuring recent work by Joshua Weeks and Katie Jenssen

Date: Jul 12 – Jul 25Space: Main Gallery

Artist Statement; Joshua Weeks

Throughout history, art and particularly oil painting has been used to communicate events and stories.

Currently as a species our biggest and most important story to tell is our human impact on the environment. Overpopulation, and our subsequent pollution, industry and consumerism have ultimately changed the landscape. Structure and classical ruins reference human species hierarchy and imperialistic power in history. There is a reason capitols and courthouses are often built in classical architecture.

This human power and control as the dominant subject: the white male heterosexual using the common tongue and practising the dominant faith has throughout history abused and subjugated the ‘Other’, in this case the minorities of the Other as nature, the environment, woman, LGBT people, animals and insects, in order of descending hierarchy of equality and power. In this dystopic post-human world Joshua has built the Other and the dominant subject in conflict; the ruin of human kind referenced in decaying  structure, the environment damaged, polluted and barren.

Also LGBT portraiture are present, a reference to Joshua’s own personal background of subjected violence, displays of affection driven into the night in dark alleys and secluded places.

This project’s outset was to develop a new language of communicating important contemporary issues if the human impact on the natural environment and of minorities. The intention of this new language was to be one of feeling and emotion that provided the viewer with a more meaningful insight into contemporary issues of equality, that isn’t activist or political in nature. While doing this, the paintings also offer an insight on how culture and society can lead human kind along the path of self-destruction.

Joshua and Katie Jenssen welcome you to join them for the opening celebration of their exhibition, on Friday 12 July at 5-7pm. Live entertainment will be provided and light refreshments will be served. All welcome!

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