Selected exhibition of Visual Art

Date: Oct 20 – Nov 2Space: Main Gallery

IMMERSE is an exhibition hosted by the Baha’is of Hawkes Bay and is one of the many national and global celebrations of the Bicentenary of the Prophet/Founders of the Baha’i Faith.

All welcome to attend the Opening Ceremony; Friday 20th October at 1-3pm.

Visual Artists were invited to submit work inspired by 5 quotes (below) and also available from www.immerse.nz. The deadline for submissions was 2 October.

Immerse yourself.
Be inspired by the quotes.
Let yourself create…


“Hear Me, ye mortal birds! In the Rose Garden of changeless splendour a Flower hath begun to bloom, compared to which every other flower is but a thorn, and before the brightness of Whose glory the very essence of beauty must pale and wither.”

“The source of crafts, sciences and arts is the power of reflection. Make ye every effort that out of this ideal mine there may gleam forth such pearls of wisdom and utterance as will promote the well-being and harmony of all the kindreds of the earth.”

“O Son of Spirit! My first counsel is this: Possess a pure, kindly and radiant heart, that thine may be a sovereignty ancient, imperishable and everlasting.”

“The tabernacle of unity hath been raised; regard ye not one another as strangers. Ye are the fruits of one tree, and the leaves of one branch.”

All quotations are from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh. www.bahai.org/library

Want to print a poster for your organisation or school? You can download one here: IMMERSE Exhibition A4 LR


Mon 2 Oct: Entry Forms sent in: by email (info@immerse.nz) or post: IMMERSE Hastings Baha’i Community, PO Box 1180, Hastings 4156

9-13 Oct: Artwork delivered to Margot, 75 Beach Rd, Haumoana or by post, address as above. Please contact Margot (06 8750935) before delivery to make sure someone is there to receive it.

OR delivered in person to Yvette at CAN preferably before 2pm but no later than 4 pm on Thur 19 Oct only.

NB: If you cant meet any date, please just talk to Margot: info@immerse.nz

​Fri 20 Oct – Thur 2 Nov: EXHIBITION DATES

Fri 20 Oct 1-3pm: OPENING CEREMONY (Hawke’s Bay Anniversary day)

​Thur 2 Nov, 11am-12:30pm: CLOSING CEREMONY + Artists collect artwork

Thur 2 Nov, 12:30-4pm: Artists must collect artwork from CAN unless prior arrangements made.

1. Entry Forms, including a photograph of your art work (even if unfinished) must be received for each art piece by Monday 2 October 2017.
2. All artwork must be received at the Hawke’s Bay address between Monday 9 October and Friday 14 October 2017. No work to be delivered to Creative Arts Napier before 19 October please.
3. Artwork must be ready to hang or display with hooks or cord etc. All 3D work (such as sculptures, crafts, etc must
be freestanding or props to stabilize the work so provided. If not it won’t be displayed. Please contact Yvette, curator
at the Art Gallery CAN directly if you need any clarification of this: 06 835 9448 or bookings@thecan.co.nz.)
4. A label with the title and retail price (if for sale) must be attached to each artwork (swing tags attached to the rear of
the artwork is best as it can be checked after hanging).
5. Packaging and costs for the return of the artwork must be provided by the artist with the art work or by online
6. New work inspired by the quotes is preferred. However, any related artwork will be considered.
7. No offensive material will be considered.
Any art work using portraits/images of the prophet/founders of any religion will not be accepted.
All other art works submitted will be considered providing they are not too large and can be displayed, & there is room
to display them well.
8. The selection of art work displayed in the exhibition is final and no negotiation will be entered into.
9. Responsibility for the costs incurred by the transport, handling, packaging, and any associated costs, of all artwork
during transit both to and from, and during the Exhibition, is the sole responsibility of the contributing
artist/artists. The Baha’i Community and CAN (Creative Arts Napier) will take the greatest care of your artwork, but
cannot be held liable for any loss, theft or damage.
Similarly, the tax and insurance of each artwork from the time it leaves the artists/s premises until its return (except if
the art work sells in which case it is until they collect it or it is delivered to them it by their selected delivery option) is
the responsibility of the artist/s.
10. Artists can choose to have their artwork available for purchase during the exhibition at a price determined by the
artist. CAN Gallery’s commission is 30% of the ticket price. Payment will be made direct to your bank account within
4 weeks of the Exhibition end. A rough way to work out what to charge retail is to multiply the price you want e.g. $200 by
1.45 which gives $290.
11. Art work sold is normally picked up by the purchaser after the end of the exhibition, but can be removed earlier with
consent from the artist/s.
12. All artwork which was not for sale, or that has not been sold, will be returned to the owner providing the cost of
transportation has been covered by the artist before the beginning of the Exhibition as specified in the Entry Form.
Any artwork for which no provision has been provided for by the artist/s for its the return to him/her/them will be
destroyed because we have no provision for long term storage.
13. The return transport fee for any artwork that has been sold will be returned to the artist unless used to deliver the
artwork to the buyer.
15. Photography of artwork during the exhibition is permitted for personal use, or for IMMERSE advertising / media
16. The Baha’i Community of Hawke’s Bay covers all costs of this Exhibition (with the exception of the artists responsibilities
as listed) and receives no financial benefit from it or from any supporter.

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