One Turn of the Earth

Mixed media painting by Ardie Rankin

Date: Feb 29 – May 28Space: Workshop

Enjoy the first mixed media exhibition of local artist Ardie Rankin, who explores materiality of his local environment and transforms his experiments into paintings.

Ardie is inspired by his natural surroundings and the rich symbolism of Maori culture. He is fascinated by the many meanings and associations represented by iconic Maori designs such as the tiki, and has a deep understanding of his own place within this narrative. Myths and legends fire up his imagination. Through his work, Ardie is weaving his own story of belonging.

Ardie was born in Rotorua, and has fond memories of jumping off the Waka Bridge with his mates while his Dad worked as Head Chef at the old Geiser Hotel. Later, Ardie’s own career was focused on working with the large machinery of Caterpillar and Gough Gough & Hainer, first in the Parts Warehouse then moving through to Operations and lastly Marketing. From this he learned all about the importance of presentation; ‘Unless you get the marketing right, the sales will not follow’.

 Ardie’s art practice takes place in his shed. He is a kiwi bloke through and through, who  loves nothing better than tinkering with metal and in particular copper, to be used as surfaces for his painting. The alchemy that takes place between materials is what fascinates him. His experimentation allows him to play with the sometimes unexpected results of substances reacting to exposure to chemicals or the elements. It drives him to try more, and combine etched metal with paint effects to see what he can come up with. This material play, combined with the subject matter that inspires him results in his trademark textural patchwork-like compositions that feature the unmistakable iconography of New Zealand.

Ardie was drawn to Hawke’s Bay as a place to live eight years ago. He is proud Grandfather to two grandsons who live locally, and two granddaughters who live in Australia. The birth of the eldest grandson is the reason he and his wife moved to Hawke’s Bay, and he says there are no regrets.

Ardie wishes to thank Te Awanga Estate, who are proudly supporting this exhibition. 

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