Tuesday May 21st – Opening Hours 10am – 4pm


How it Works

Galleries, Meeting Rooms and Workshop Spaces

We recommend that you come in and see us to discuss your requirements.

Those wanting to exhibit, either bring in images of your work or the originals, or email us images of your work in advance to bookings@thecan.co.nz. Check out the Spaces and Costs page to see further details about the spaces available for hire.

If we love your work, we’ll tell you. It may be that your work would be more suitable for another gallery or shop – we’ll let you know on the spot or contact you later if we need more time to review.

While you are here, please have a good look around the CAN to see which space would be a best fit for your exhibition. Check bookings on our wall calendar with Yvette or Amanda to see what spaces may be available and when.

Renting a small area of wall or shelf space

If you just have a few pieces of work, you may prefer the option of renting a small area of wall or shelf space for 4 weeks. The prices for renting these areas are on display next to the bookings wall calendar and are a very cost effective way to exhibit, ranging from $10.00 for a small painting or shelf to $60.00 for 1.15m length of wall.

If you sell any of your work during your four weeks, then you still have the space to display more work until your rental time expires. We limit the rental ‘run’ to two months consecutively to give everyone an opportunity to exhibit.


To secure a gallery space we require a deposit of 33%. We take 25% commission on all sales.